Nurturing careers in hospitality

We partner with a number of well-known training providers, as well as internationally recognised hospitality schools, to offer training programmes, apprenticeship schemes and to recruit for internships, management training programmes and work experience opportunities.

Work Experience Programmes

We visit key schools in the UK and abroad on a regular basis to recruit and offer work placements, internships and training programmes.

Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne
Ecole Hotelière de Lausanne

Established in 1893 and the first Swiss hotel school, EHL invented the methods that gave Switzerland's hospitality management schools a reputation for excellence. It offers programmes and services that prepare students, professionals and companies to shape the future of hospitality.

Ecole Hoteliere de Geneve
Ecole Hotelière Genève

Founded over 100 years ago, the Hotel Management School of Geneva ranks among the top ten worldwide hotel management school. Focusing on small classes, EHG's aim is to do everything possible to turn its students into high-level professionals.

Les Roches Switzerland
Les Roches

Amongst the world's top ten hospitality schools, the curriculum at Les Roches is based on the Swiss model of experiential learning. Through a blend of academic excellence, hands-on learning and real-world challenges, students develop a 360-degree understanding of hospitality business management.

Institut Paul Bocuse
Institut Paul Bocuse

The Institut is one of the international elite in the fields of hospitality management & culinary arts. The highly qualified, multi-disciplinary staff of professors & professionals share their experience & skills in a dynamic & creative environment, alternating theory with practical learning.

My Internship

Elliott Rosenthal, from Ecole Hotelière de Lausanne, spent 6 months working in the various food and beverage departments within the hotel.

Elliot Rosenthal

My time at The Beaumont has been an amazingly pleasurable learning experience, throughout which I was always supported and felt empowered.

On the first day I arrived at the hotel, I was met with smiles and kind greetings, which have continued throughout the internship. The staff have been so friendly and have built up my confidence and skills to the point where I can take control of the floor and can work with minimal supervision. Reaching this point of autonomy was incredibly satisfying.

Another element that really boosted my confidence was the training, from wine tastings, where we found ways to describe the wines to a customer, to the food tastings with the chefs, which taught us how to give accurate information about the dishes to the guests.

All in all, I am indebted to the attention and consideration they have given to me. I have grown immensely and have gained a new respect for the people who work in this industry.

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