Facials by Abigail James at The Beaumont Hotel, Mayfair

Radiant Skin

Abigail James

"This is the facial us beauty journos vie for. Abigail literally has magic hands - each time my complexion is transformed - and her detailed knowledge of the skin is second to none." InStyle

International facialist and wellbeing expert Abigail James runs her practice from The Beaumont Spa three days a week, on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays. One of the UK's most celebrated skincare experts and a published author, Abigail offers a selection of holistic and advanced treatments to maintain and restore radiance and reverse signs of ageing.

Abigail's signature facials and unique massage techniques are highly sought after and respected by industry insiders. At the core of her methods and philosophy is a natural approach to health and well-being, combined with advanced technology. Abigail's work proves that beautiful skin really can be achieved with a whole health approach. Abigail's results driven approach is able to rejuvenate faces, relaxing and uplifting with her skilled hands.

Please find a selection of Abigail's treatments below. For full treatment list, please email.

Naked Face Method £180

Abigail's iconic signature massage method is an accumulation of over 15 years of working with the muscles, connective tissues and lymphatic systems of the face and body. Using methods and therapies discovered and refined from around the world, this is the natural face lift, akin to a power yoga massage for the face, designed to redefine, refresh and detoxify the skin, using hands-on sculpting, contouring and lymphatic drainage techniques.

50 mins.

The Hero Facial £190

The go-to treatment for those who want to improve and maintain a clear complexion. Focusing on skin health and vibrancy, this personalised treatment is suitable for all skin types and combines Abigail's massage methods with natural cosmeceuticals including gentle peels, serums and masks. The result is a refreshed, clear, revived complexion you will be happy to show off. This is a bespoke treatment and may include steam extraction, gentle peel, lymphatic drainage, vaccum suction and high frequency LED light.

60 mins.

The Wow Factor Facial £250

More than just a facial, this iconic multimethod treatment is a beauty editors' favourite. A customized results-driven experience, which blends the most effective of Abigail's unique sculpting massage methods with state-of-the-art non-invasive technology including collagen boosting radio frequency and expertly selected professional peels, masks and serums. Offering instant glow and definition with long-lasting results for visibly lifted, smoother and more youthful skin.

50 mins.

To Book:

Please email clinic@abigailjames.com.