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Towards a 'Greener' Future

The Beaumont was recognised with a Certificate of Excellence by Preferred Hotels in its annual GIFTTS Awards (Great Initiatives for Today's and Tomorrow's Society) for our Sustainability efforts in 2017/18, which have included:

  • Retrofitting LED lights throughout the hotel (the equivalent of added 177.48 acres of forest or removing 124.81 cars from the road).
  • Heating our water with CHP (cogeneration), reducing primary energy use, CO2 emissions.
  • Changing to water based, non-hazardous, low in VOC's and heavy metal free paints.
  • Adding solar film to all windows.
  • Separating and recycling all waste, with nothing going to landfill.
  • Changing all take-away cups and food containers to 100% compostable materials, replacing plastic straws with paper ones, and using an online filtration system for still and sparkling waters which are served in reusable glass bottles in the restaurant and bars.
  • Donating all half-used guest soaps, shampoos and body lotions to charity for use.

The hotel continues to work on reducing its environmental impact, with many projects in play, including the reduction of single-use plastics.

Covid-19 Statement

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