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ROOM by Antony Gormley

Sculpting darkness

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Antony Gormley's sculpture ROOM forms a unique bedroom to a suite. A dark, mysterious, cave-like space, its creation allowed the artist to 'sculpt darkness', encouraging the occupant to enter a different state of consciousness, to enjoy at the very least a meditative pause, and the chance to withdraw, for a while, from the busy world outside.

Adjacent to the bathroom is a sitting room, with large hallway and guest bathroom, decorated, like all the rooms in The Beaumont, in a soft Art Deco style.

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The Idea

Gormley's ROOM is both a monumental sculpture and an architectural extension to the hotel. The interior, which forms the dark oak-clad bedroom of a one-bedroom suite, is approached up nine white marble steps, separated by a black velvet curtain from a pure white marble bathroom. It makes a striking juxtaposition to the stainless steel exterior, which represents a giant crouching cuboid figure based on the artist's body.

"I take the body as our primary habitat. ROOM contrasts a visible exterior of a body formed from large rectangular masses with an inner experience. The interior of ROOM is only 4 metres square but 10 metres high: intimate at body level, but open above.

"The idea was to reveal this slowly. I wanted to structure night as a preamble to sleeping and dreaming, and reinforce the feeling of being fully enclosed so the window only gives a view of the sky. At night, the shutters allow total enclosure and provide total blackout. The very subliminal levels of light allow me to sculpt darkness itself. My ambition for this work is that it should confront the monumental with the most personal, intimate experience." Antony Gormley

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Key Features

  • Separate sitting room.
  • Large desk with access to all technology.
  • King-size bed with an organic, hand-made mattress.
  • Luxury pure white marble bathroom with bath, large walk-in shower and underfloor heating.
  • Large, private hallway.
  • Guest bathroom.
  • Fully operable, large windows.

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