At The Beaumont, our overarching objective is to keep our guests, our employees, our suppliers and our community safe and healthy, whilst continuing to provide the warm, personalized service for which we are known.

We have always been proud of our extremely high standards of housekeeping, and will apply additional rigorous, best-practice processes to keep our staff, guests and visitors secure throughout the hotel. The protocols have been designed taking into account World Health Organisation (WHO), UK Government, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and UK Hospitality Association guidelines.

We want to ensure that everyone who visits, works in and stays in our building enjoys peace of mind, safe in the knowledge that the utmost has been done to keep them protected.

Jannes Soerensen | General Manager

The Beaumont has taken a four-pronged approach, informed by the latest advice from government and public health authorities*.

We will continue to make enhancements and changes as advised:

  • A comprehensive COVID-19 prevention plan including an action/checklist for infection prevention and a special cleaning and disinfection plan is in place;
  • All employees receive continuous complete training on COVID-19 safety and hygiene protocols, including infection control, social distancing and enhanced hygiene measures including hand washing and the use of masks and gloves as recommended by local health authorities;
  • All employees sign up to a list of expected behaviours.
  • The well-being of team members is continuously monitored and they are encouraged to follow governmental and WHO guidelines on quarantine and self-isolation when deemed necessary;
  • Health/temperature checks for guests, staff and visitors will be implemented, if required by local legislation;
  • Records will be kept for contact tracing purposes.
  • All areas

    - Hand sanitiser dispensers, touchless whenever possible, are placed at key guest and employee entrances and contact areas, and sanitiser will be provided in all guest rooms;

    - Appropriate personal protection equipment (masks & gloves) are worn by all employees based on their role and responsibilities and in adherence to government regulations and guidance.

    - Masks & gloves are available for guests;

    - High-frequency touch points (light switches, lift buttons, door handles, handrails) are sanitised every hour, using high-grade disinfectant products;

    - Other high volume guest contact touch points, eg menus and credit card machines, are sanitised after each use;

    - All public areas are deep cleaned every night.

  • Rooms

    - All rooms are fastidiously cleaned using high-grade disinfectant products on a daily basis, or as directed by the guest;

    - Extraneous items have been removed and are available on request;

    - All rooms are disinfected between guests.

  • Food & Beverage/Private dining

    - Enhanced cleaning and disinfection routines are in place in the restaurant, bars and private dining room;

    - We do not offer self-service dining options;

    - Tables are sanitised between use;

    - Where appropriate, single-use items (eg salt and pepper) are used.

  • Communication

    - Health and hygiene advice and reminders will be clearly posted throughout the hotel.

  • Guests are advised to practice physical distancing by standing at least 2 metres/6 feet away from other groups of people not travelling with them;
  • Employees are reminded to practice physical distancing by standing at least 2 metres/6 feet away from guests and other employees whenever possible;
  • All the outlets within the hotel (The Colony, The Magritte Bar, Cub Room, Lotos Room, Spa) comply with, or exceed government-mandated occupancy limits to enable social distancing;
  • Where necessary, social distancing guides are marked;
  • Person to person contact - shaking hands, touching, kissing - between staff and guests, or staff & staff is not allowed;
  • Social distancing guidelines will be clearly communicated throughout the hotel, including in lifts.