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Your safety and well-being

At The Beaumont, our overarching objective is to keep our guests, our employees, our suppliers and our community safe and healthy, whilst continuing to provide the warm, welcoming and personalized service for which we are known.

We have always been proud of our extremely high standards of housekeeping, and continue to apply rigorous, best-practice processes to keep our staff, guests and visitors secure throughout the hotel. We have carried out comprehensive risk assessment for all activities at The Beaumont and have designed our protocols taking into account UK Government guidelines, which can be found in full here. We remain flexible and responsive, and will continue to adapt our protocols as required.

We have substantially enhanced our modern, hi-spec ventilation and HVAC system, which circulates 100% fresh air around the building. Following a major investment, an innovative 'Bioclimatic Intelligent Air System' using the latest ionisation technology filters out air particulates, ensuring the air is as clean as be.

The UK Government lifted all Covid restrictions on 24 February 2022 and masks are no longer mandatory in public areas. Nevertheless we continue to respect those amongst our guests and staff who prefer to wear masks.

With regards to travel to England, you no longer need to complete a passenger locator form before you arrive in England. If you are fully vaccinated, you do not need to take any COVID-19 travel tests before you travel to England or after you arrive. For extensive information on the government regulations, please click here.

Duncan Palmer | Managing Director

  • A comprehensive COVID-19 prevention plan including an action/checklist for infection prevention and a special cleaning and disinfection plan is in place;
  • All employees receive continuous complete training on COVID-19 safety and hygiene protocols, including infection control, social distancing and enhanced hygiene measures as recommended by local health authorities;
  • All employees sign up to a list of expected behaviours.
  • All areas

    - Hand sanitiser dispensers, touchless whenever possible, are placed at key guest and employee entrances and contact areas;

    - Masks & gloves are available for guests;

    - High-frequency touch points (light switches, lift buttons, door handles, handrails) are sanitised regularly, using high-grade disinfectant products;

    - Other high volume guest contact touch points, eg menus and credit card machines, are sanitised regularly;

    - All public areas are deep cleaned every night.

  • Rooms

    - All rooms are fastidiously cleaned using high-grade disinfectant products on a daily basis, or as directed by the guest. This will take place whilst the guest is out of the room;

  • Food & Beverage/Private dining

    - Enhanced cleaning and disinfection routines are in place in the restaurant, bars and private dining room;

    - Tables are sanitised between use.

  • Spa & Gymnasium

    - Enhanced cleaning and disinfection routines are in place in the spa and gymnasium;

    - Fitness equipment is sanitised between use and additional sanitising wipes are available for guest's own use, if preferred.
  • Third Parties, eg Limousine Company

    - All Third Parties providing services to The Beaumont and its guests are contractually obliged to comply with The Beaumont's Health & Safety Standards, as set out in this statement.

  • Communication

    - Health and hygiene advice and reminders will be clearly posted throughout the hotel.

  • HVAC System

    All the bedrooms at The Beaumont have windows that can be opened to allow fresh air in.

  • The modern, high spec air-conditioning HVAC system in the hotel draws in a constant flow of fresh, filtered air from outside. Air-purifying filters are regularly changed per manufacturer's recommendations and are ISO 16890 tested and designed specifically to remove pollutant material at PM1, & PM2.5 sizes* and to improve the indoor air quality overall. (* PM1 particles <1 μm in size, eg: dust, combustion particles, bacteria and viruses. PM2.5 particles <2.5 μm in size, eg: pollen, spoors and other organic particles.)
  • Furthermore, an innovative 'Bioclimatic Intelligent Air System' has just been installed throughout the building: bipolar ionizing tubes have been integrated into our HVAC system to generate an energy field converting air particles into positively and negatively charged ions. The charged ions attract themselves to air particulates (such as bacteria, viruses, moulds and allergens), making these physically larger and therefore more likely to become trapped in the air filters and thus inactivated.
  • Employees are reminded to practise physical distancing by standing at least 1 metre/4 feet away from guests and other employees as per the guest's personal preference;
  • Person to person contact - shaking hands, touching, kissing - between staff and guests, or staff & staff is avoided;
  • In Room Dining can be served in the room or left outside the guest room, as per the guest's personal preference.


to play your part in keeping everyone safe:

If any of our team members become symptomatic, they will be asked to stay at home and will not be allowed to come to work until they have isolated for the requisite amount of time.

We encourage, please, that you practice the same approach. Please stay at home if you display any of the following symptoms: a high temperature, a new, continuous cough or a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste; if you have tested positive for coronavirus; or if you live with someone who has symptoms or has tested positive.

Thank you.

Updated on 5 April 2022

*Advisory Organisations