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Discover our top ten reading suggestions at The Beaumont.

A distinctive feature of the hotel, all the books in The Beaumont's bedrooms and suite sitting rooms were selected especially for the hotel from the shelves of iconic Mayfair bookshop Heywood Hill. The selection focuses on diaries, anthologies, memoirs and biographies, all easy to read and dip into without the frustration of not having the time to finish them. Each room at the hotel gets a selection of currently published books enhanced by second hand favourites in the same genre.

1. 'Citizens of London' by Lynne Olson
"This book was a great influence on the imaginary history of The Beaumont as it charts the history of America's entry into the war thanks to the proselytising of Ambassador Gil Winant, Averell Harriman and legendary broadcaster Ed Murrow. Sadly out of print in hardback even in the States it is a truly edifying work which deserves greater exposure. It is only a matter of time before Gil Winant will be celebrated for the visionary and extraordinary man he was."

2. 'Letters of Note: Correspondence deserving a better audience' by Shaun Usher
"A collection of 125 of the world's most entertaining, inspiring and unusual letters. The perfect hotel companion as even five minutes reading is memorable."

3. 'The Ape has stabbed me: a cocktail of reminiscences' by Vincent Poklewski Koziell
"On a visit to the hotel, the author revealed a sparkle that matched his book."

4. Darling Monster: The Letters of Lady Diana Cooper to her Son John Julius Norwich 1939-1952
"Lady Diana Cooper was an aristocrat, society darling, an actress of stage and early screen. When she married rising political star Duff Cooper, they became the golden couple who knew everyone who was anyone; they sat at the very heart of British public life. Diana's letters to her only son, John Julius Norwich, cover the period 1939 to 1952."

5. 'Flappers: Six women of a dangerous generation' by Judith Mackrell
"This choice was an obvious one for the hotel. Glamourized, mythologized and demonized - the women of the 1920s prefigured the 1960s in their determination to reinvent the way they lived."

6. 'London Stories': edited by Jerry White
London has the greatest literary tradition of any city in the world. Its roll-call of story-tellers includes cultural giants who changed the way the world thought about writing, like Shakespeare, Defoe and Dickens. But there has also been an innumerable host of writers who have sought to capture the essence of London and what it meant for the people who lived there or were merely passing through. Authors include many favourites: Thomas de Quincey, W. M. Thackeray, J. B. Priestley, Graham Greene, Maeve Binchy, Doris Lessing and Hanif Kureishi.

7. 'An Exuberant Catalogue of Dreams' by Clive Aslet
"This book because it embodies so much of the imaginary history of The Beaumont and how much Britain owes to America for not only its critical involvement in World War II but also because even our great country homes often owe their continued existence to American citizens too. Clive Aslet's magnificent book reveals the extent of this remarkable phenomenon, covering eighteen Americans and their houses."

8. 'Great Houses of London' by James Stourton
"The great houses of London embody the marvels of English architecture and yet they are almost entirely unknown. They are for the most part disguised behind sober facades but their riches within are astonishing."

9. 'The London Encyclopaedia' by Ben Weinreb
"This book rewards every casual opening. The London Encyclopaedia is the most comprehensive book on London ever published, containing everything of relevance to the history, culture, commerce and government of the capital."

10. 'Lost London 1870-1945' by Philip Davies
"No harm in dwelling in the period within which The Beaumont's genesis is placed (1926). 250 rare photographs of London's past show people, their homes, offices and shops in pin-sharp detail."