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Creating a Healthy Environment

18 August, 2021

What has become clear as the Covid-19 pandemic has evolved is the importance of ventilation in reducing its spread. The quality of indoor air is key to controlling the airborne spread of the virus, and is now considered even more important than good hygiene and social distancing .

A constant flow of clean air in a building is vital. We are fortunate at The Beaumont that it is possible to open all our guest bedroom windows, allowing fresh air in. At the same time, our modern, high spec ventilation system (HVAC - Heating/Ventilation/Air Conditioning) circulates purely fresh air from outside, which is constantly filtered to remove pollutant material, including dust, combustion particles, bacteria and viruses, as well as pollen, spoors and other organic particles.

Furthermore, we have taken the additional precaution of installing an innovative 'Bioclimatic Intelligent Air System' throughout the building to capture air particulates such as bacteria, viruses, moulds and allergens and filtering these out to ensure clean and healthy indoor air.