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Duncan Palmer, Managing Director

Proud recipients of the 2017 Catey for The Independent Hotel of the Year, at The Beaumont we believe in a distinctive approach.

Called "one of the hottest hotel openings in London" by Forbes Magazine when we launched in September 2014, the hotel has gone on to earn numerous accolades, including the AA Hotel of the Year - London 2016/17.

You see, it is our team and our values that make all the difference when you work here.

AA Hotel of the Year Judge

Our values

The Beaumont is founded on a deeply held set of beliefs and values, which is reflected in all we do on a daily basis.

These values define the way we relate to each other, to our guests, to our suppliers and to anyone we come in contact with, and drive the experiences we want to deliver.

We like to make our employees feel motivated and challenged, and more than that, valued. We hold close the feeling of a family culture, and truly believe that hospitality comes from the heart.

The Experience

We create guest experiences that are characterised by enjoyment, by making people feel recognised, helping them feel comfortable and, above all, making them feel special.

The Environment

The environments we create are theatrical and full of atmosphere, and provide a versatile setting that adapts to the specific desires of each guest.

The Hospitality

We offer a unique style of hospitality - one that demands a sense of respect towards each other and the guest, a sense of empathy and the anticipation of needs before they are expressed, always delivered with warmth.

The Internal Culture

We foster a strong sense of family, towards each other and towards the company. We take pride in what we do and we all share a sense of responsibility, right across the organisation. We always maintain a sense of humility about our achievements.

The People

Our leadership aims to inspire, to be involved at all times in all aspects of the business and to continue to invest with generosity in its people, who treat each other with care and respect and are always fair in their dealings with one another.

The Practice

In all that we do, we act with authority and behave with integrity. We seek to deliver consistently, with meticulous attention to detail. As an organisation, we never stand still and aim for continuous progression.

The Beaumont is a place where people, staff and guests, feel they belong.

What is it like to work at The Beaumont?

Rosa Tridente

Rosa Tridente, Breakfast Manager

I started working here more than 4 years ago: just arrived in London, new life, no friends, new hopes and new fears as well. I was looking to be part of a team, in order not to feel too homesick. Fortunately, life at The Beaumont has proved successful: it has provided me with new connections and a sense of being part of a family that I could have hardly imagined in a city like London. It does feel good to belong to a very special group of people who support me and inspire me.

Iwona Linek

Iwona Linek, Evening Housekeeper

I've been working at the Beaumont for 4 years already and I was part of the opening team, so I love working here, collaborating with the teams and with my colleagues in Housekeeping. The way we work here, focused on people, is what makes me really proud of what we do, it's the best thing about working at The Beaumont. I feel like we are one team and we work together, we help each other. The family 'atmosphere' that we have is what makes this place really special. The challenges that we face...

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